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February 01, 2012


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Hi, Lisa! It's discouraging to write a blog and not get any feedback. I'm on both sides of that, and guilty of not commenting. Yes, life gets busy...and facebook IS easier . Hope all is well with you and that we manage to connect now and then! <3 Suzanne


I'm glad because I miss you and it will be nice to reconnect. xo


Hi Lisa,
I agree about facebook. For me to comment on your blog,,, there are too many steps, because I don't have typepad I have blogger. So I make a comment, then have to type my name, email address, and web site. I know ,,, for people with time on their hands, no big deal, but for me, it takes too long to comment. Yes, call me unconnected, but I love your blog and you, and I am now making the time to connect.


oh, one more thing,,,a code to leave a comment at the very bottom.

Jill Holmes

"Like!" Good to hear from you again! Jill

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